Friday 29 January 2021

Lonely and broken

I feel as if my life is broken and worthless, where ever I turn, all I tend to feel is horrid thoughts and I keep asking myself if life is worth living If i have to deal with this most of the time.. if any out there is reading this, drop a comment if you want to talk.

Monday 25 January 2021

Life goes on

Hello everyone,

I know I may have been a bit too quiet, but lately I just felt I needed the break and to help focus my energy on other stuff, anyhow, how have you all been? Lately it's started to snow where I live. post what stuff you have been up to lately.


Monday 23 November 2020

My life through my eyes

Since the day I was born, the day many cherish to have another person brought into this world. Growing up was never easy, had speech issues, and no one could understand me. At school I always sat there watching everyone in the class room, to ensure they all had someone who cared that watched over them.

If anything, my years growing old just become more painful mentally, every step I make, no one seemed to care, and people who I thought was going to actually care, really didnt in the end.

I got threatened, beaten, mentally tortured, and heart broken many many times.

I do still think about a lot of the memories that are there, and every time I think about them, the more I find that I'm really alone.

My life through my teens years also had it terrible years where I had never felt alive, always dark and cold each day along with the nights.

I'm now 28, and still I suffer mentally, honestly as you are maybe reading this, I am sat down in the kitchen, while debating what to eat, it's the only ever pleasure I get from it. If I were to go into detail about the stuff I've experienced and seen, it might be enough to know that truthfully I've had enough with life.

Any souls out there that read this blog, I hope that you are alright and that even though I maybe not there physically, I'll be there mentally.


please drop a comment and let me know how things are.

Sunday 26 July 2020

Hows lockdown been for you?

The lockdown for me has personally been okay, but I know many would have different experiences through the lockdown. so hows the lockdown been for you then?