Sunday 1 May 2022


The view of how I see life, it's like you're born in field with lush green grass, and as each year goes by, each bit of that green lush grass just disappears slowly.

My every bit of happiness still completely disolved hitting near my 30's, and I deep down miss the true feeling of not having a single doubt in my mind, the warmth on my skin, the silk feel of my skin, and most of all, the sweetest dreams that made me feel free inside.

I can't lie, but with each day as I get older, I feel it would only be the last, the only thing that sticks in the back of my head is the thought of wanting to let go, let go of the pain that still hurts mentally without doubt.

My dream, lets just say that dreaming is something I honestly wish still happened in the way I still remember, as broken as I am inside, my dreams are too.

As broken as I am, I have always dreamed to be a father, a father that would always be there, a father that no matter what will do what he can, and above all, a father they would truely miss one and remember one day.

I cry as I am writing this very post, a post that is written in and around the heart.

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