Friday 5 February 2021

There will only be the last

I myself have shed so many tears of loneliness deep within me, the coldness, pain, it sits in my soul and I have to bare each day with the thought that haunts every bit of me, feeling as if there will be no warmth for me, no feeling to smile.

The very pain which hurts a kind soul, one that only wanted to make others happy, I cry each day with how ashamed I am living in comfort, only knowing there are others out there living with horror of where they might end up, and what next day will bring.

I only want to be happy, not wanting anymore. If I could change the world to see a single soul smile, I'd save the moment the same way I miss seeing my own true smile.

As I type this.... tears are streaming down my face.

I hope to find my own true smile.

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